[a beard metting]

The train arrived at 17:04 at Victoria Station, not a minute late, not a minute early. After 3 months chatting, sending pics and dirty talkings, finally they have had their meeting.

Doors opened, he went out with his luggage and sighed. He was so nervious for this reunion. There were no promises, no hope, or plans, only a strong desire to see each other. He walked by the hall looking for him, and suddenly, he was there, waiting.

They stared at each other as an explorer recognizing a new land. He saw his bluesky eyes, his blond beard, his pink lips. The other saw his hazelnuts eyes, his curly hair, his brown beard and his red lips.

They approached looking at their eyes. He walked in his tiptoe, the other hold in his arms and they kissed. Their beards fitted so fuckning perfectly that they  merged for ever. So they became a statue in a Victoria Station.


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